2/23/17 - 3/27/17 CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition

Join the 2017 CFSBK Open Intramural Team Competition!

For the second year in a row, CFSBK is organizing a friendly, in-house intramural team competition during the CrossFit Open. This competition aims to promote a healthy community rivalry and provide motivation for all Open competitors to perform their best each week! Participation is voluntary, and those who wish to participate will be split into balanced teams with team captains assigned by CFSBK management. Team scores will be compiled at the close of each week by the captains using an average team ranking. Last year, we had 72 CFSBK athletes compete in this in-house competition, forming 6 teams of 12 people. We’re hoping to surpass those numbers this year.

You may perform the workouts scaled or Rx’d, whichever is most appropriate for you. Since we will be using overall team ranking as the score, performing workouts Rx'd will be more valuable to your team than performing them scaled, regardless of how many reps you get. This dovetails with the intention of the Open: to attempt as many workouts Rx'd as you can while scaling when necessary.

The Open workouts will be programmed for Saturday group class each week, which provides team members the opportunity to complete the workouts on Friday and Saturday during group class or Saturday and Sunday during Open Gym. However, if you must miss a workout (due to travel, injury, illness, etc.), it won't necessarily negatively affect your team’s score, because the score will be an average of top submitted scores for each week.

Teams are encouraged to attend the same group class, wear matching outfits/t-shirts, and trash talk. If the competition results in a tie at the end of the Open, there will be a head-to-head team throw-down. We’ll also be inviting the gym’s top 15 men and women to compete against each other every week during a Friday Night Lights event.

This isn't mandatory, so if you want to do the Open workouts without joining the intramural competition, you can. If you are interested in joining an Intramural Team, sign up here!

You must be officially registered for the CrossFit Open to compete in the Intramural Team Competition, so go here to sign up if you haven't already! Please remember to sign up for the CrossFit South Brooklyn affiliate and team on the Games site!