1/22/17 Iron Maidens Lift'n'Learn Session


Join Us for the Next Iron Maiden's Lift n' Learn Session

All IM competitors and IM curious are welcome!
January 22, 2017

Practicing the Commands and the Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship
BYOProgram and plan to focus on practicing the judges' commands for all three lifts at Iron Maidens. We'll run through Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift to make sure you feel confident about following the rules during the meet.

At this final Lift'n'Learn before Iron Maidens, we'll be discussing tips and techniques for raising money for the 2nd Annual Stay Strong Scholarship.

Danae M. will be  providing information about Grace Outreach students, how the Stay Strong Scholarship fund has worked over this past year, and our goals for keeping it going in 2017. Superstar fundraisers Bethany Erskine, Christina LaBrie, and Halston Bruce will be talking about how they raised so much money to support our scholarship students.