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1/08/17 - 1/29/17 Rings Strength Class with Coach Ken

Want to Explore the World of the Rings? 

Join guest gymnastics Coach Ken H. as he takes you through four weeks of gymnastics strength training starting in one week! This 1.5 hour long class will incorporate different facets of body weight strength training and movement. Specifically, each class will focus on three to four distinct areas: warm-up and active mobility, rings skill work (muscle ups, levers etc), bodyweight strength conditioning, balance (on hands and feet), and flexibility. Students will be asked to have a goal or intention to focus on for the next four weeks. Students can then focus on that goal outside of class.

Class Outline:
Inverted Hangs
Back Levers
Ring Routine

When: Sundays in January from 6-7:30pm (1/8, 1/15, 1/22, and 1/29)
Cost: $80 for four weeks
Buy-in: Previously attended rings class or 1 pull-up for ladies or 3 for gents

The class is capped at 8 participants and sells out very quickly, so don’t think twice! Register Here!


More About Ken
Ken Haller was a nationally competitive gymnast in Newton, MA and at the University of Michigan. After graduating, Ken coached for eight years at Capital Gymnastics in Northern Virginia where he coached regional and national champions. His students have gone on to be NCAA champions and members of Cirque du Soliel. In searching for an activity to replace gymnastics, Ken filled the void with rock climbing and yoga for the past ten years and recently found CrossFit to round out his training.



1/2/17 - 3/25/17 Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge

The 2017 Look Feel Perform Better Challenge

It’s that time of year again... New Year's Resolution time. While we believe it’s best to make choices in accordance with your goals and values all of (or at least most of) the time, we recognize that many of us use markers like the beginning of the year to kickstart positive changes. This year’s challenge will follow a similar model to last year. There are two levels that you can choose to participate from. On Level 1, you’ll focus primarily on food quality and eating from a large spectrum of whole foods (lean proteins, veggies and fruits, whole grains, and legumes). This is a perfect place to start if you’re new to healthy eating or are having to re-learn what that means for you. On Level 2 you’ll be tracking macronutrients and focusing on eating particular quantities of them, adjusting along the way as necessary. Due to the lasting success of many participants last year, we’re following the same 12 week format as in 2016. The reason behind this is that while extreme short term actions can bring rapid results, we’ve seen this often result in a “crash” where the individual rebels against the limiting factors of an extreme dietary challenge. We’d rather you have more inclusive food options and change a few manageable things over a longer period than change many things for six weeks only to get lost in a haze of bagels, beer, and chocolate cake once the challenge ends.

Who? The entire CrossFit South Brooklyn Community

What? A 12 week challenge meant as a collective kickstart toward healthier nutrition and recovery habits.

Where? Right where you are! You’re encouraged to organize “rest day dinners” either in your homes or out at restaurants with fellow participants. There will be twice monthly (non-mandatory, but helpful) LFPB Challenge Meet Ups at the gym in addition to the Facebook group that you can look to for daily support. The key to success is not sweeping immediate change but rather consistent practice each day. If you’re on the social medias, then join our Facebook group! Search “2017 CFSBK Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge”.

When? The dates of the challenge are from Saturday 1/2/17 through Saturday 3/25/17. We’ll also be hosting a potluck dinner at the gym on 1/28/16 where you can meet and greet with fellow SBKers and sample some delicious ways they keep on track with their food choices.

What will I need? For Level 1, only a desire to begin to make better food choices. For Level 2, you’ll need a food scale and a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons since you’ll be measuring out servings of lean protein, clean carbs, veggies, and fats. Whichever level you choose you should plan to do a bit of food shopping and prep beginning the first week to make good food choices easy. 

Why? To look, feel, and perform better! And, for some sweet prizes!

Wait, did you say prizes? Yes. The grand prize for both the men’s and women’s category is one month of FREE unlimited training at CFSBK, a $250+ value! There are also 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the men’s and women’s categories including a punch card or free specialty classes at CFSBK and also free personal training! Additionally, Kettlebell Kitchen is extending a 15% discount to all CFSBK members who are participating!

Alright, you’re in? Great!

How To Participate:

  • Sign your name on the big list in the community area of the gym.
  • Buy-in of $30 cash, given to Front Desk staff.
  • Answer a few brief questions and submit your “before” photos according to the guidelines on the Look, Feel, Perform Better website. These entries are private will not be published or seen by anyone other than us without your consent. You can access the 2017 LFPB Challenge Entry Form HERE.
  • Perform the Test WOD and record your results.
  • Track points earned daily on the spreadsheet based on how well you’re complying with the guidelines.
  • Complete your Post Challenge submission by 3/28/17 at the end of the challenge
  • Optional: Attend the bi-monthly LFPB Q&A Info Sessions on Sundays at 1pm in the Annex at CFSBK. Each one will have a brief topical lecture and a Q&A. (1/8, 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, and 3/19).



1/22/17 Iron Maidens Lift'n'Learn Session


Join Us for the Next Iron Maiden's Lift n' Learn Session

All IM competitors and IM curious are welcome!
January 22, 2017

Practicing the Commands and the Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship
BYOProgram and plan to focus on practicing the judges' commands for all three lifts at Iron Maidens. We'll run through Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift to make sure you feel confident about following the rules during the meet.

At this final Lift'n'Learn before Iron Maidens, we'll be discussing tips and techniques for raising money for the 2nd Annual Stay Strong Scholarship.

Danae M. will be  providing information about Grace Outreach students, how the Stay Strong Scholarship fund has worked over this past year, and our goals for keeping it going in 2017. Superstar fundraisers Bethany Erskine, Christina LaBrie, and Halston Bruce will be talking about how they raised so much money to support our scholarship students.



1/22/17 LFPB Challenge Info Session and Q&A

The 2nd Look, Feel, Perform Better Info Session: Nutrient Timing Simplified

Does nutrient timing matter? In a word, yes. While it's not the most important part of your nutrition, eating whole foods in the correct quantities is. If you have that part covered pretty well, then you can benefit from spacing out your macros based on your activity level from meal to meal and day to day. Also, we're 2 weeks in! We'll discuss taking an honest look at how you're progressing toward your goals and what adjustments to make so you can meet them. Join Coach Fox this Sunday, January 22nd at 12:00pm in the Annex. As always, an open Q&A will follow the brief lecture.



1/28/17 CFSBK Community Potluck

Join Us For CFSBK's Community Potluck on Saturday, January 28th at 7pm

We're excited to get everyone in house to break bacon and socialize together outside of normal classes. This event will simultaneously kick off the new year, support the Look Feel Perform Better Challenge, and bring folks from all times and corners of the gym together. This event is open to everyone and all are encouraged to come.

Your dish doesn't have to be paleo, but please use whole foods where possible. We'll vote on the top 3 dishes, so bring your best recipe! You may, of course, opt to bring a healthy dessert. 

  • The gym will provide some alcohol, but feel free to bring whatever else you'd like. If you're not drinking booze and want to bring a drink, seltzer is great, too!
  • If your food needs to be kept warm, you'll need to provide your own crockpot or other method for keeping it at serving temperature. We've got surge protectors and extension cords.
  • We'll provide notecards so you can label your dish and list its ingredients.
  • When you leave please take everything you brought with you. Do not leave any pots, pans, Tupperware, utensils, etc. They will be discarded that night.
  • There will be a raffle for one free personal training session with Captain Osorio himself!
  • If you'd like to help out (and haven't already been contacted) we'll need some hands on deck putting everything away afterwards.
  • We also need some volunteers to help set up before and clean up afterwards. To help set up, arrive by 6:30 PM! E-mail our Events Coordinator Danae M. at Events [at] crossfitsouthbrooklyn [dot] com to let her know you're available.
  • Let us know what you're bringing by posting in the comments section below.

We can't wait to see you there!



2/17/17 CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championship

Sunday, February 17th, 2017: CFSBK at CRASH-Bs

On Saturday, February 17th, Olympian and erg-tamer Coach Nick and his band of CRASH-Beasts will compete in the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championship in Boston. If you're one of the competitors, you can always find the schedule on this page.

2017 CRASH-Bs Calendar

Saturday, Nov. 12    Kick-Off Meeting and Technique Clinic
Saturday, Nov. 19    20’ Capacity Test
Saturday, Dec. 3    Relay races at Row New York’s “Jingle Mingle” event on the Upper West Side
Saturday, Dec. 10    Technique Clinic 2, with workout
Saturday, Dec. 17    20’ Capacity Test
Saturday, Jan. 7    Technique Clinic 3, with workout
Saturday, Jan. 14    2K Race 2
Sunday, Feb. 12    CRASH-Bs

All sessions except for Dec. 3 will start at 8:30AM and last two hours.



2/18/2017 Iron Maidens Raw Open

Announcing Registration for the 3rd Annual Iron Maidens Raw Open!

Hosted by CrossFit South Brooklyn
February 18, 2017, 9am-6pm
Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift 

You are invited to test your one rep maxes in a rare, women’s only environment of badassery. Compete for awesome prizes and cheer on female feats of strength. This meet is open to women of all ages; you do not need to be a member of Crossfit South Brooklyn to participate. We have space for 60 participants, so sign up soon!

We've already lined up some great sponsors, including: Cafe Grumpy; Sara June Salon; Twig Terrariums; Threes Brewing/Meat Hook/Ninth Street Espresso; Left Bank Restaurant and more!!


All lifters will have three attempts to lift one maximal rep, in the following order, for:

1. Back Squat
2. Bench Press
3. Deadlift

The sum of the heaviest successful attempts will constitute each lifter’s Total. For each weight class, a first, second and third place will be awarded to the highest Totals. 

Weight classes: 123lbs and under; 132lbs and under; 148lbs and under; 165lbs and under; Over 165lbs

Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship
We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Grace Outreach, a Bronx-based nonprofit that works with women to further their education and gain financial independence. Through competitors’ fundraising efforts, the annual Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship assists low-income women in paying for their college tuition.

In 2016, competitors raised $30,000 in scholarship money - $10,000 above our goal. We hope to match or exceed last year’s incredible show of support.

Questions? Contact Meet Director Margie Lempert: Margie [at] crossfitsouthbrooklyn [dot] com.

Visit www.ironmaidensrawopen.com for more info.



2/26/17 Starting Strength Program Total

Starting Strength Program Total on Sunday, February 24th

Coach Jeremy's and Coach Margie's Strength Cyclers will wrap up their eight-week cycle today starting at 2:00pm. Lifters will be testing their 1RMs in the back squat, press, and deadlift. All are welcome to come by, hang out, and do some cheering. Get ready for some massive PRs!



3/5/17 Squad WOD at CFSBK

Squad WOD at CFSBK 

Date: Sunday, March 5th, 3pm - 5pm
What: A women-focused WOD led by Crossfit Solace Coach Heidi Jones

Squad WOD is a female-focused workout that takes place at different gyms across the NYC area. The intention is to bring women together in an environment that is free of judgement and overflowing with empowerment, camaraderie, and support for each other.  

Squad WOD is a chance to meet, connect, make new friends, and empower one another in an environment that is all about celebrating each of our strengths and broadening our squads.  

After each workout, there will be a different speaker who tells her story of triumph over obstacles in a continued effort to inspire the group.  

The cost of the event is $20. The money raised will be donated to a local women's charity. 

The workouts are for all levels of CrossFit athlete from beginner to advanced. We'll have registration info for the CFSBK event soon!



4/21/17 - 4/23/17 Starting Strength Seminar at CFSBK

April 21-23: Starting Strength Seminar at CFSBK

We are excited to be hosting the Starting Strength Seminar again this spring. The Starting Strength Seminar: The Complete Method teaches the system of barbell training detailed in the books Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training. It features an in-depth examination of the physiology, biomechanics, and execution of the 5 basic barbell exercises at a level of detail unavailable in any other seminar in the industry. The SSS is the most detailed exposure to any training method offered in the fitness/exercise/training education marketplace, available to both the serious strength and conditioning professional and the trainee interested in improving personal performance under the bar.

The professional S&C coach will take the course for the credential the successful applicant obtains: The Starting Strength Coach. The non-professional will take the course for the exposure to the complete suite of Starting Strength materials and the chance to be evaluated on its understanding, as either a possible precursor to professional status or for personal development as a lifter and athlete.

This method deconstructs the five basic barbell exercises - the squat, deadlift, press, bench press, and power clean - down to their basic elements in biomechanics and skeletal and muscular anatomy, and then derives a system for performing and coaching them based on the the most efficient and productive way of approaching each movement.

The Starting Strength Seminar: The Complete Method is an intensive exposure to all the information from which the Starting Strength system is derived. The 3-day format allows for an in-depth exploration of the theoretical basis of the system, as well as a thorough under-the-bar practical session for each exercise which provides for the evaluation of each participant on the basis of both lifting and coaching the method. The basics of barbell training are developed into a logical and effective system that forms the best possible foundation for any strength and conditioning program. Please note that there are no prerequisites for attending this course.

The SSS currently offers two levels of completion. First, attendance at the complete seminar provides a Certificate of Attendance. Competence in the system will also be evaluated by the staff on the ability of the participant to demonstrate understanding as both athlete and coach in the practical sessions. 

Second, experienced coaches that wish to be candidates for the Starting Strength Coach credential can elect to be evaluated at a higher level of scrutiny. These coaches should come prepared with a background in weight training and coaching, a working knowledge of muscular and skeletal anatomy, an excellent familiarity with the foundational texts, and an ability to communicate effectively. They will be expected to conclusively demonstrate their ability to function as coaches of the Starting Strength method.

Lifters who just want to improve their understanding of barbell training, its techniques and its programming, can expect the most informative and productive weekend available in the entire fitness industry, guaranteed.

Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. Each seminar has limited enrollment, with athlete:coach ratios of 5 or less. 

You can secure your place with a deposit of 1/3 the seminar fee. Full payment must be received at least 4 weeks before the start of the seminar. Go here to register!

Friday 5-9pm: Coaching, Strength, Anatomy, Biomechanics
Saturday 8-8pm: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press
Sunday 8-7pm: Power Clean, Press, Programming, Q&A