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Heh, couldn't figure out if texas is midwest/southwest/southeast...???


Crossfit Iron Horse in Fort Worth, TX.
1) Huge, amazing gym with great equipment: rogue racks numbered, kettlebells color coded, everything neat & clean
2) The coach qualified for the games! 5th at regionals. Also, she commented on my depth during goblet squats... very attentive, excellent coaching. Went over every movement standard for the wod from rowing to goblet squats. Nice!
3) Super friendly people. Highly recommended!

Bought a shirt for $20--didn't have to pay drop in fee! Would definitely come back...but no classes on Sundays. : /

May 24, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAllie B.

I think Texas appreciates having its own section :)


District H, went at the rec of a competitive weightlifter colleague - - although she trains her lifting elsewhere. Pretty small but a nice aesthetic, friendly coach and people. Good coffee shop across the street.

Class might have been light I'm anticipation of the open announcement the next day... Pretty standard warmups then a 14m EMOM of back squats and kb swings. I did this rx and it was not hard, although I'm relatively good at those (cfsbk rx workouts are often a stretch for me). Then a cash out. Didn't see much instruction happening but everyone knew what they were doing and the movements were simple.

Gym Bowie/cf live oak: went here the next day with different colleagues to do 17.1. Tiny 6:30 class, didn't seem super experienced . Some warmups, then movement intros. The coach wasn't familiar with the standards in advance & they didn't have 50# dbs (nothing heavier than 40 or 45 I think?). She knew what she was doing but responded to my "I checked in advance and they said it would be OK if I dropped in..." with "nobody told me." um, OK...

Anyway it was fine but I'd go to district h again instead. I also want to check out H town cf the next time I'm in Houston since one of my coworkers used to teach there. Looks like there are a *lot* of cf gyms in Houston :)

February 25, 2017 | Unregistered Commenter__dpack__