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Please post your experiences/recommendations training at gyms in this region. Please post with the gym name and city

"CrossFit South Brooklyn, Quebec"

July 2, 2014 | Registered CommenterDavid Osorio

Crossfit 204, Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJoel Zimmer

Crossfit Urbain - Quebec City, Quebec

N.B. : The coaches and members of this affiliate speak French as a first language. During my workout, the only English words that were used were the names of movements.

During a recent vacation in Quebec, I was able to drop-in at Crossfit Urbain. There was no fee for this visit, but I was required to register on their website.

The affiliate is located around the back of its building, inside of a gym ("Gym Urbain"), out in the suburbs of the city. Whoever is working the front desk will send you around back to an area that is sectioned off from the rest of the gym.

They ask that everyone arrive early to mobilise.

Group classes were limited to 10 members, and were broken into 4 parts (no group DROMS). First, there was a warm-up, then a "technique" section, then a WOD, then core work. Each of these were clearly written on the white-board.

I attended a class given by Coach Charles. He quickly reviewed the movements verbally (without demonstrating) and the class got going. The warm-up consisted of 6 movements, including 1000m row, sit-ups, OHS.

Technique work for the day was the deadlift, and Coach Charles spent his time working with each of us separately. I found his comments to be helpful, clear, and very much directed at how I was lifting. He checked back in several times over the course of the sets (it was a 4x5 workout) and spoke about what was going well and what wasn't.

The WOD also had six movements, including floor presses, wall walks, wall balls, a quick run, and OHS. These were carried out independently, for time. The coach spent most of this time working with what looked like a "troubled mover". The members were extremely sociable, and really cheered and egged each other on.

Lastly, we did three rounds of toes-to-bar and sit-ups, followed by rests.

Some observations:

It seemed to me like this gym would be best for those who are independent and used to the different movements. We got right to exercising and fit a lot of movements into that hour.

The space is quite disorderly during a workout. Each person just takes whatever space is around - it is a tight space and the members don't l set themselves up in lines, etc. The members seem to function well in this kind of space, however.

Coach Charles was very helpful, and had a lot to say about the different movements and lifts when asked.

There were no modifications proposed - everyone tried the WOD RX'd. Same with the toes-to-bar. Be prepared with your own modifications or be confident enough to ask for help.

We started on time and finished on time.

The website does not have the WOD posted on it.

The members are amazingly friendly! I chatted with everyone in the class, and everyone seemed encouraging, amiable, and curious.

To sum up: I had a good time, with a tough workout.

August 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKevin Goetz


During a recent physicians conference in downtown Toronto, I was able to drop-in at Crossfit 416. There was a $25 fee for this visit, which includes a t shirt. I was required to register on their website but didn't because it was a last minute.

The affiliate is located right in downtown Toronto. The gym was L-shaped and there was no front desk. I was greeted by other athletes and told where to find the coach.

Group classes were limited to 12 members, and were broken into 4 parts (no group DROMS). First, there was a warm-up, then a "technique" section, then a WOD, then a mobility cash out.

I attended a class given by Coach Luke. He demonstrated the movements and the class got going. The warm-up consisted of 4 movements : Air squats, ring rows, some variation of a supine leg raise exercise and overhead presses.

The class was only about 8 people and I did get one correction from the coach on my clean and jerk. The vibe was loose and chummy.

Overall, I felt like I got a good workout in a friendly atmosphere. However, I felt like the technique portion could have been broken down into more parts, which would benefit some of the athletes newer to those movements

November 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJ Fid

CROSSFIT 604 (Vancouver)

Highly recommend this gym located in Gastown in Vancouver, BC. Great facilities and coaches. I've stopped here on a few visits and the workouts are always great and members are super friendly...Canadians! I got some really good tips from a coach recently on my MU technique as well.

Workout this time around was a 10min EMOM with 5min of strict MUs, then 5 min of kipping MUs.

Metcon was a 15min AMRAP:
10 C2B
15 push ups
20 ab mat situps

August 19, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDylan K

Montreal, Quebec

Me and Thaisa were in Montreal for a week and got a chance to try 3 different Crossfit places. In our preferred order, here they are:

1) L'Usine CrossFit
Large industrial space, with lots of racks and equipment (although bumpers were a bit falling apart). The coach was friendly and generally watched over the class and gave good tips to everyone. Very friendly crowd, everyone came to say hi to us before and after the class. Class was a CFSBK 1h standard warm-up+ lift + metcon - we did a little burpee and overhead squat warm-up then worked on snatches, then a Fran-like 21-15-9 T2B Thruster wod. No need to sign up in advance, just show up and bring $20 cash. No front desk so when you arrive you might be a bit lost, but just chat with anyone or look lost for enough time and someone will help you. They seem to be changing names and moving to a nearby location, but this is the place we'd recommend if you have the time and want a CFSBK-like programming. Class ran for ~50min so there was time for a cool down.

2) CrossFit Montreal
Very large space, lots of racks and equipments and pretty well kept. 1h class was a simple group warm-up and some quick barbell drills before jumping into a 30min wod of back squats, push press and hang cleans. Everything finished in 50min or so. Coach was nice and attentive. They post their daily wods on a blog. No need to sign up in a advance, but arrive a bit earlier to sign a waiver and pay the $20. Front desk was unattended and arrival can be a bit confusing.

3) CrossFit Ville Marie
Small space but reasonably well equipped for small classes (about 10 people max). You should sign up in advanced and the drop in is ~$30. Class format is warm-up+ lift + wod, we did a quick overhead lunges and burpees warm-up, then worked on push press for 20min, then a 100 box jump wod. Coach was friendly but very specific about moving equipment around the gym, and dropping the bar is not allowed. Classes run 45min and this is the only place in downtown, so it you're looking for a quick fix and can't travel far this is the place to go.

November 25, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel R and Thaisa L