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This gym is one in a million, not to be missed if you are in NYC or just passing through.

The facility, a large warehouse like space with neatly organized, well cared for equipment, never feels crowded and lets in heaps of fresh air through sizable garage bay doors. Nice when you're in the thick of a grueling WOD.

The community is made up of very cool, down to earth people, and there are always various activities (like a movie night) going on outside of regular programming to foster connection among the members.

To me though, it's all about the amazing coaches and staff. They all understand and coach the true spirit of Crossfit, and have incredible knowledge of fitness and the finer points of the movements we work with. They will make you better humans, take advantage of their knowledge!

Hands down, best Crossfit experience I've ever had.

Brian S:

The only fitness program that I have stuck to.  Not just an amazing way to get in shape, but an incredible community of people.

Crossfit will change your life!

Two years in and still fit as f@%$!

Robert I:

I've been going to CF South Brooklyn since August, and I have to say this is by far the coolest gym ever. Ever. The people (coaches and clients) are great, laid back, friendly and smart. Yes smart. This isn't your run-of-mill-jock gym, this is a thinking person's gym for someone who want to get healthy, fit and strong.

I highly recommend Coach Jeremy's strength intensive. He knows his stuff and can work with anyone-- he's got a lot to share and you've got a lot to learn and lift.

The ownership here is great and cares. Not only is the box run with many of the typical CF problems eliminated (they use periodization and deload weeks here for instance) but you can tell they are constantly striving to learn and get better.

All the coaches are great, smart, nice people. If you are in Brooklyn (hell, if you aren't in Brooklyn it's still worth the commute), I strongly recommend you check out CFSB.


Crossfit South Brooklyn has a unique, big space and lots of equipment, but the best part of this gym is the coaches.  They are true professionals; knowledgeable, curious, accommodating, and positive.  They run group classes each day, and manage to meet the varied needs of each member of the group class even when the class gets large.  They have created a supportive community.

I've never considered myself a very athletic person, and some part of me is surprised that I'm part of this gym due to its rather hardcore nature.  It can be intimidating because there are a lot of very fit people.  However, there are people in other stages of fitness as well, and wherever you are at, the coaches will meet you there and push you further.

Dave M:

Brilliant. Best workout. Best coaches. Try it. You will not regret it.

Bjorn B:

Much more than a gym, finding this place was absolutely life-changing for me. The methodology, community and coaches need to be experienced to be believed. Check it out.

Asta F:

I've been part of CFSBK for over 2 years now - I say part of and not going to because CFSBK is both a gym and a community.  The training is top notch, the facility is spacious, and the people are diverse, friendly and motivated/motivating.  My health, fitness and overall well-being has improved ten-fold since joining and I'm a huge advocate of the training.

When I joined in Jan 2009 I could barely press 15lbs over head.  I couldn't break parallel in an air squat and though I was "fit" and could cycle my little heart out, I wasn't very strong.  Within 6months I noticed huge improvements.  I was moving faster and generally felt better.  CFSBK has also given me confidence that I never had before - I would always stick to my "comfort" sports and now I've run the Ragnar, run a half marathon, can squat more than my bodyweight and am seeking out new adventures even if I have no prior experience.  Climb that boulder?  Sure, why not.  Pick up that car part turned barbell - ok.

Looking for a challenge that continues to be challenging?  CrossFit is definitely just that.

Stella Z:
A (very valid) criticism that has been made of CrossFit as a whole is that nearly anyone can own a CF gym -- it takes just a weekend to get certified as a trainer -- which means that you might be walking into a difficult exercise program learning from someone who knows little more than you do.

Not so here.

Having done CrossFit for a year and a half now, I have visited several affiliates in other parts of the country, and I can safely say: We at South Brooklyn are spoiled. The coaches are always paying attention, so that if they see bad form (read: injury waiting to happen) or someone struggling with an exercise, they can correct the mistake or suggest a scaled-down version right away. Tricky movements (and even some not-so-tricky movements) are broken down and reviewed before you have to do them for realsies, in every single class -- not just the first time you learn them. As a result, despite all the horror stories I hear about people getting injured doing CrossFit, I have never experienced anything worse than a pulled muscle (and when it happened, the coaches were quick to find ways to work around it). I've gotten stronger than I ever imagined possible.

This is the part I truly would not have believed until I joined: CFSBK is also a genuine community. By the time you're out of Foundations, the owner will know not only your name, but something about you as a person. There are potlucks, pub quizzes, beach trips. Before I came here, I had never made a friend at the gym. Now, I have lots of them -- real friends, not just people on my Facebook list.

So, not only would I tell you to come here if you're thinking about trying out CrossFit for the first time -- I'd also tell you to come here if you've been burned by a bad CF experience in the past. It's an extraordinary place.

David Y:

I just finished foundations and am ready to roll. The people who run this gym are positive, fun, and supportive.  I dropped my other gym membership and am hooked on the cross fit lifestyle.

Scott J:

Crossfit has changed how I look at fitness and Crossfit South Brooklyn has changed my life.  The gym is great. The coaches are amazing.  The community is supportive and energetic.  I look forward to working out with these guys and gals each and every day.  I was stuck in a rut with a boring and not well thought out workout routine at my old gym for years.  Once moving to CFSBK last Feb., I have never been bored, always feel like my workout has a functional purpose and KNOW that I'm the strongest and fittest I've ever been.  If you commit to the lifestyle change, it will work for you -- anyone and everyone can do it and is welcome (another beautiful thing about CF and specifically CFSBK).  Come on down.  You'll be in good hands and you'll work your ass off !!!

Samir C:

I've been working out at CFSBK since June 2009. I did their Foundations course first, then switched to the regular group classes. I had burned out of regular gyms and was desperately looking for a change. Now, I can confidently say it was the smartest decision related to fitness that I've made in a long time. The workouts are, as promised, constantly varied (weightlifting, gymnastics, bodyweight moves etc), so you can never, ever, get bored. The coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. And best of all, the membership is supportive - you can always count on a cheering squad when you are giving it all you got (the discussions on the CFSBK blog have helped me figure out how to tweak my diet as well so its been a total fitness experience).

And, rest assured: no matter what your fitness level, the workouts can be scaled or adjusted to fit. The coaches are very, very good at sussing out what needs to be done so you can build your own personalized road to getting better.

Give it a shot - you won't regret it. Take a teaser class, sign up for foundations, and then move on to group classes.

Yoshi S:

Best fitness experience I've ever had, period.

Now I'm no Adonis, and I've never been the kind of guy who is inclined to spend all my free time at the gym, and I can tell you that I look forward to each and every class at crossfit south brooklyn. With the constant variation in workouts, it's impossible to get bored. If Olympic weightlifting isn't your favorite thing, maybe a few gymnastic moves will suit you. If bodyweight resistance isn't your cup of tea, maybe lifting a keg or flipping a giant tire might catch your fancy. Well, you could encounter any or all of those things in a single hour, and that's just the beginning of the list.

If the workouts alone aren't enough to keep you involved, the excellent trainers and coaches will.  They'll push you to your personal limits without getting you hurt, they'll keep you honest, and they'll keep it fun. Can't say enough good things about these boys and girls.

And perhaps the unsung hero of CFSBK is the membership base. The sense of encouragement and community you'll experience is unparalleled. Do yourself a favor and check this place out.

Kristen H:

As a NYC-based Pilates instructor, I have been around the exercise block a few times, if you know what I mean.  Boxing lessons, Power Plate, spin, Bikram.....  The long and short of it is - there are a lot of fitness gimmicks out there.  If you are looking for someplace trendy and chic, someplace that "guarantees" you'll look like Madonna after five classes, someplace where the instructors are too busy staring at themselves in the mirror to notice what your form looks like during the workout --- don't come here.  This gym is a straight up garage filled with heavy weights, all the chicks that work out here look WAY hotter than - ahem - you know who, and the trainers are on top of you with the craziest, most specific alignment corrections ever.  You can't mess around when you are lifting this kind of weight, people!  Of all the things Crossfit is, a "gimmick" is not one of them.  This is 100% real, classic weightlifting, skill training, and conditioning at its very best.  Additionally, I never thought I would find a place to exercise where EVERY SINGLE TRAINER I have worked with is not only incredibly smart, fit, well-informed, specific, professional - but on top of that, they are all so damn nice!  They will absolutely get the best out of you, without any of that tough-guy B.S. you may have encountered at other gyms.  I have been sore after every single class I have taken here for the past 3 1/2 months - and I feel awesome!  I love Crossfit South Brooklyn - and I'm not alone.  Come check out the cool community that has been forming over here between 3rd and 4th on DeGraw :) And when you get here, don't be intimidated by how burly we all are.....

Shawn S:

Best Place to Workout...Period. I've been working out with the CFSBK crew since May 09 and am in the best shape of my life. I
The gym recently moved from the Lyceum to its own space a couple of blocks away on Degraw.
Great coaches, great community, best place to workout, period.
Come see for yourself.