Welcome to CrossFit South Brooklyn!

We are Brooklyn's first CrossFit affiliate, and an internationally consulted gym for our progressive and professional business practices. CFSBK had humble beginnings starting outside in a playground in Carroll Gardens back in 2007, but each year, we continue to grow organically, maintaining our status as the largest affiliate in the borough and one of the most well established in New York City. We pride ourselves on our professional coaching, exceptional facilities, and above all—our fun, inclusive, and supportive training environment. Don't believe us? Check our Yelp reviews.

CFSBK's mission is to provide a safe, effective and inclusive training environment for all our members. We pride ourselves on our top-notch coaching, intelligent programming, and professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Everyone from folks exercising for the first time to competitive athletes will feel appropriately challenged and motivated. At CFSBK, you are accepted for who you are, then immediately challenged to get better.

Joining CFSBK

Interested in CrossFit and what we’re up to at CFSBK, but want to check out a class first? RSVP to our free weekly intro class, Sundays at 2:15pm. These classes are a fantastic way to sample our programming style, class structure, and coaching staff. Otherwise, you can head over to our CrossFit Group Class page to learn about Foundations and how to sign up for group classes.

We also offer a variety of other programs from personal training, Olympic lifting, Starting Strength, CrossFit Kids and Teens, Open Gym, to yoga, Pilates, and Active Recovery classes. To learn more about our other offerings, check out our programs page.


CFSBK is located in the heart of Gowanus on Degraw Street between 3rd and 4th avenue. We have a total of 11,200 square-feet of training space split between three spaces. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness and organization of our facility. We also have a staffed front desk, showers with free towel service, a reception area for you or your kids to hang out in, a purified water cooler, espresso machine, and more equipment than you could ever want to use. To take a virtual tour of our facility and see a detailed equipment list, check out our facilities page.

Our Story

CFSBK started in November of 2007 in a small park below a subway line. After three months, we developed a small crew of five to eight people who trained together on the weekends. A fast-approaching winter forced us to find a space we could rent by the hour so we could continue teaching classes and growing the business. We ended up at The Brooklyn Lyceum, an old bathhouse, where we slowly went from two classes per week and about 10 members to classes five days per week and about 50+ consistent members. Many from that crew are still with us. We learned plenty of lessons through a trial-and-error approach as we found our voice as a gym and community.

A little over a year later, we moved into our current facility just a few blocks down the street, on 597 Degraw Street. We schlepped our equipment over and have been steadily building our program ever since. In 2014, we leased a 1,200 square foot annex space above us for yoga, Pilates, and Active Recovery classes, and in 2015, we expanded into a second location across the street, at 608 Degraw Street, which gave us an additional 5,000 square feet to accommodate our growing membership and array of class options.

 Our gym also serves as a model for CrossFit affiliates worldwide, and we regularly mentor hundreds of readers each day around the world via Coach David’s popular blog, Inside the Affiliate.