Short Circuit: Reprogram Your Body!™

CrossFit South Brooklyn is thrilled to announce Short Circuit, a new class utilizing some of the best training methods to give you a great total body workout in just one hour. Each class includes two circuits programmed specifically to help you shed pounds while increasing your strength, stamina, and flexibility. At Short Circuit, we want you to get sweaty, have fun, and build confidence, one workout at a time. We create an inclusive space where people can feel comfortable exactly where they are in their fitness journeys and, more importantly, challenge themselves to get better. Our instructors have worked with clients in every age group, with every body type, and across all ability levels. We want to show you that you're capable of much more than you thought! This is our passion. This is our goal.

Each Short Circuit class consists of 4 segments:

Plug In
We start classes with a comprehensive, dynamic warm-up programmed to get your body ready for exercise while practicing skills and positions relevant to the day's class.

1st Circuit (Strength and Stamina)
The 1st Circuit focuses on your strength and stamina by using 3-4 exercises done in sequence for 15-20 minutes. We use dumbbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight exercises programmed to keep your muscles strong and toned.

2nd Circuit (Conditioning and Intervals)
Here's where things heat up! We'll use a variety of high-intensity intervals to bump up your heart rate up and really make you sweat. Whether you're on the rowing machine, swinging a kettlebell, or doing some Burpees, you'll get your endorphins pumping with our higher intensity circuit.

Finally, we finish with some extra core and flexibility work before sending you off to take on the rest of your day. You'll be recharged and ready to go!

What if I can't do something?

Every movement we teach and perform will have a variety of scaling options, so you’ll be challenged whether you’re flying through a set of 10 Push-Ups or still working on your first one. Our seasoned coaches can modify your workouts specifically for your abilities all while motivating you to do your best and to go a little further, faster, longer than you thought possible. We are here to help everyone achieve their goals, one drop of sweat at a time! No experience is required to take a Short Circuit class. Just show up and get fit!

Schedule & Location

Monday, 9:00am
Tuesday, 5:30pm
Wednesday, 9:00am
Thursday, 5:30pm
Friday, 9:00am
Saturday, 9:00am
Sunday, 8:00am

Short Circuit classes meet at CrossFit South Brooklyn (597 Degraw Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues) located in the heart of Gowanus. We have served the local fitness community for nearly 10 years, growing from grassroots park-based workouts to our current location, which has two spaces with a total footprint of over 11,000 square feet. In addition to our spacious facility, we also have brand new locker rooms with showers, towel service, and bath products available for your convenience.


Members of CrossFit South Brooklyn may use their existing memberships to drop into this class, however anyone and everyone is welcome as there are no prerequisites for this class. If you'd like to purchase a punch card for this and our other specialty classes (Yoga, Short Circuit, Active Recovery and Pilates) you can purchase one of the cards listed below:

Single Class Drop-In: $25
10 Class Punch Card: $200
20 Class Punch Card: $360


Visit SHORTCIRCUIT.FIT for more info!