Membership Policies

CFSBK Membership Policy Notes

Below are our current membership policies. If at any point you require any membership changes (i.e. upgrades/downgrades, cancellations, holds) please contact our Front Desk staff.

Signing In

  • All members must sign in at the Front Desk (FD) prior to your scheduled class. This includes Foundations, Strength Cycle, Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates and any Speciality classes/events.
  • To speed the check-in process, we ask everyone to carry their scan cards. If your scan card is not functioning consistently, please request a new one from the FD staff.
  • If there are multiple classes going on (Ex: Group class and Active Recovery), please let FD staff know which you plan to attend.  
  • Active Recovery and Open Gym classes count towards your membership as normal classes and members need to check in accordingly. If you plan to attend a group class and then take Active Recovery (or vice versa), you must let FD know at check in so that attendance counts are accurate.
  • Please note that we have a 5-minute grace period for class attendance. Any member arriving over 5 inutes late will only be permitted at the coach's discretion. 


  • Members looking to upgrade their recurring membership before their next billing cycle will be charged a $15 upgrade fee to offset the difference between membership rates. Otherwise, you can simply wait until your next billing date to begin your new membership. Upgrade requests should be made at least 3 days in advance so that we have time to make the necessary changes before your next bill.

Example: David has a 3x/week membership and gets billed on the 15th of every month. Today is the 10th and he decides he wants to upgrade to a 5x/week membership. If he wants that upgrade to be effective today, then he gets charged $15 and can start attending 2 additional classes per week immediately. Otherwise, he can wait for his upgrade to be effective as of the 15th where his new 5x/week membership rate will go into effect.  

  • Membership downgrades will be effective as of the member’s next billing cycle. Downgrade requests should be made at least 3 days in advance so that we have time to make the necessary changes before your next bill. We cannot provide refunds retroactively for time prior to notification.

Example: Jess is currently on a 5x/week membership that bills on the 1st of the month. Today is the 10th and she wants to downgrade to 3x/week. Her 5x/week membership will remain active through the end of the current month and her new 3x/week membership will begin as of the 1st of the next month.

Account Holds

  • CFSBK will honor membership holds/suspensions of one week or more, provided that staff is notified at least 3 days in advance.
  • Periods of suspension will extend the member’s current billing cycle by the total number of days absent, resulting in no financial loss for planned timed away.
  • Memberships can be placed on hold for up to 3 months. The membership will automatically be reinstated after that unless the member contacts us within 3 days of the next billing cycle.


  • Membership cancellations can occur at anytime and for any reason without additional fees. We do request that you provide a reason for cancellation for our tracking purposes.
  • While cancellations can occur at any time, members looking to cancel prior to their upcoming bill must notify CFSBK at least 3 days prior the bill due date.  
  • CFSBK will not provide refunds retroactively for any cancellation requests.
  • Deleting your payment information from Zen Planner does not cancel your membership. Membership cancellations are only processed by contacting the Front Desk (cfsbkfrontdesk [at] or by sending an email to Info [at] 

Dogs and Kids

CFSBK prides itself on being a kid and dog-friendly gym. But in the interest of keeping everyone as safe and focused on their fitness as possible, we’ve updated our policies regarding our favorite tiny humans and creatures. If you have a child or dog, please review these policies.

CFSBK Kids Policy:

  • No kids are allowed on the gym floor.
  • Kids need to be able to sit in the lounge area unattended, which means they are not a distraction to others, and are not a danger to themselves or others.
  • Kids should not be in the way of group class (i.e., when a class is running in and out of the gym).
  • The Front Desk staff is not responsible for your kids.
  • No kids are allowed behind the front desk.
  • Please be mindful of your stroller (strollers are not allowed on the gym floor and must be out of the way of classes).

CFSBK Dogs Policy:

  • Dogs that bark, whine, jump, or bite are not allowed at the gym.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to remove a disruptive dog.
  • The Front Desk staff is not responsible for your dog.
  • Dogs are not allowed behind the front desk.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the gym floor. 

Fitness vs. Performance Programming

Here at CFSBK you'll see "Fitness" and "Performance" WODs posted daily. Each category will offer a similar version of the daily workout modified for the needs of different populations. Below, we've included a description of each category and some insights on how to choose which is best for you.

"Performance" WODs

The "Performance" workouts will follow suit with our regular style of group programming, with which you've come to be familiar. Olympic lifting, maximal effort method lifts, and demanding gymnastics skills will be performed at intensity with our hard charging athletes in mind. These workouts are great for individuals who have spent several months to years developing a technical foundation and are interested in pushing the envelope of their athletic performance and work capacity. 

"Fitness" WODs

Fitness workouts are designed to develop a robust base of strength and conditioning with an emphasis on health and longevity. These workouts are great for all newcomers to CrossFit but are also appropriate for many of our seasoned CFSBKers. In fact, many athletes will find a lifetime's worth of challenging workouts to thrive on in this category. While still relatively intense, "Fitness" WODs will offer more inclusive exercise variants to some of the more demanding movements seen in "Performance" programming.

How Do I Know if I Should Do "Fitness" or "Performance"?

This will vary person to person and workout by workout. All of our new members out of Foundations will be required to follow "Fitness" for 4-6 months before considering transitioning to "Performance" workouts. Our current members may self select to perform the "Fitness" workouts based on their current level of development, goals, or abilities as well. Depending on the workout, you might even transition back and forth based on your capacity with the exercises included that day. If you're unclear which you should do, consult with your coach so they can help you with your Rx. Your coach gets final say on which workout you'll be engaging in.