CrossFit Foundations

The Foundations program is where athletes new to CrossFit go to learn how to perform our movements and learn the training philosphy. All the major lifts and exercises will be taught from scratch with an emphasis on technical proficiency. Basic reading and videos will also be provided which will assist in your education and success within our Group Classes.

We offer two different paths for Foundations, read below to see which is right for you.

Group Cycles

These cycles meet for a total of 6 classes over the course of 2-3 weeks and cost $250 per person.  Group cycles are appropriate for most able bodied adults and no baseline level of fitness is expected. Each class will cover 3-5 new movements and then end with a workout which can be scaled up or down for your abilities. Class size is limited to 4-6 people to ensure an optimal learning experience. 

To sign up, check out the times and dates for upcoming cycles located on our online store.  Simply register using one of the options and you'll be booked for your cycle.

Foundations Policies:
*Cancelation of the Foundations course within 7 days of the course start will result in a partial refund of $175.
*Cancelation of the Foundations course within 48 hours from the course start is non-refundable.
*Completion of all 6 classes is mandatory prior to being cleared for group classes.  Any missed class will need to be made up with either a half hour ($55) or a full hour ($75) Private Training session.
*Individuals with significant orthopedic or movement issues may be asked to perform additional training sessions before starting group classes. This is rare but used in situations where the saftey may be an issue.

Private and Semi-Private Cycles

Want a more individualized approach? Private and Semi-Private Cycles are great for folks who want to start at their own pace, have existing orthopedic issues or simply can't make the scheduled Group Cycles. This 6 class cycle covers all the same information as the Group cycle however is individualized for your needs.  We also offer Semi-Private cycles if you and your spouse or a few friends want to complete a cycle together. 

1 on 1 Private Foundations
Price: $500

2 on 1 Semi-Private Foundations
Price: $420 per person

3 on 1 Semi-Private Foundations

Price: $330 per person

4+ on 1 Semi-Private Foundations
Price: $330 per person

Contact us to set up your private or semi-private foundations