Mixed Meat Shares, Chicken-only Shares, and Egg Shares

Herondale Farm offers a monthly mixed meat CSA program. Members receive a monthly delivery of frozen cuts consisting of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. Everyone picks up their share at CFSBK. In the past, Herondale offered shares in four month “cycles.” Today the program is simply year-round; once you sign up, you’re in until you cancel. Your credit card will be charged monthly during the final week of the month for the next month’s delivery.

Meat Share Pricing

Members can choose from among three share varieties: 10 lbs/month, 15 lbs/month, and the new value share, 20/lbs month. See below for details on what the shares contain.

10lb share                                  3-4 lbs meat from each tier                                                  $130/month

15 lb share                                5 lbs meat from each tier                                                      $160/month

20 lb Value share                      9 lbs of meat from both tiers B and C+2 packs bacon          $160/month

TIER A: Prime Tier

Tier B: Roasting Tier

Tier C: Ground/Stewing Tier

beef steaks

lamb chops

pork chops

leg of lamb

split chicken breast


brisket                                                                 London broil

short ribs

lamb ribs

pork spare tips

lamb shoulder roast

pork or beef roast

beef, pork, or lamb shanks

whote chicken

chicken legs and thights                                                   

ground beef and ground lamb     

beef and lamb kebabs

chicken or pork sausages

beef hot dogs

chicken wings            


Ready to sign up? Download and fill out the registration PDF here, and email it back to the farm here: csa@herondalefarm.com.

To contact the Farm with questions about the meat CSA: email csa@herondalefarm.com.

All registration and payment is handled by the farm, not the gym.

Poultry Share

Herondale also offers a chicken-only share with monthly delivery during the warmer months of the year. When the 2014 share dates are available, we will post them here.

Egg Share

A weekly egg share is also available during the warmer months of the year. If you’ve never had eggs from a pastured chicken, get ready for an incredible experience!

Your share can contain as many dozen/week as you can eat.

When 2014 share dates are available, we will post them here.

Salami Club

In partnership with Herondale Farm, Jack Peele is offering a monthly charcuterie club. His company, Jacuterie, is the first state-licensed charcuterie facility in Columbia County, NY.

Your share will contain Jack’s small-batch, hand-crafted dry sausage, salami, and saucisson sec. All the meat is sourced right from Herondale Farm.

Prices for monthly shares are:

2 salami/month: $25

4 salami/month: $48

6 salami/month: $70

General info is on the Salami Club page, and the registration form is here.

Meat CSA Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in contact with Herondale Farm?

Email csa@herondalefarm.com. 

I don’t think I want a whole share. Can I split it with someone?

Yes! Many people split shares. You can split any of the shares we offer. To find someone, post on the blog and email Michele for help (mignyc@gmail.com.) The farms can’t sell you a half share, so it’s up to you to find someone to split with.

Can I customize my share? There are some cuts of meat I don’t want.

Herondale can exclude specific animals from your share (you can choose to exclude 1 of the following: pork, chicken or lamb.) They cannot exclude specific cuts (like pork chops) from your share, however – the benefit of the CSA from their standpoint is the ability to sell as much of every animal as possible.

You CAN trade or sell parts of your share with others, however. You don’t like sausage? Post on the blog to ask who does – you’ll doubtless find someone to trade/buy.

I’m not sure how to cook the things in my share! Do you have any recipes?

See Michele’s blog thedailypaleo.tumblr.com for recipe ideas based on the meat and vegetable CSA ingredients.

Can I place a special meat order with Herondale?

Yes! The Farm offers a large selection of cuts a la carte; see the list here. They will deliver your special order on a regular Wednesday delivery. In addition to the typical cuts found in the monthly shares, Herondale offers many specialty items, such as bones and organ meat. If you’re ready to place your order, email csa@herondalefarm.com.

Do I pay the gym or the farm?

You pay the farm.  The gym doesn’t handle registration or payment for the CSA program; we provide the drop-off point and manage the pick-up by members.

How will I get my share home?

Herondale provides freezer bags to keep your meat cold in the cooler, but they prefer you bring your own sturdy bag to get your share home. If you do need to borrow the freezer bag, be sure to return it to the gym before the next month’s delivery.

What happens if I can't make it to the gym during the 6-8:30PM pickup window?

All food must be picked up between 6 and 8:30 PM. The gym cannot store anyone's share; it is the responsibility of each member to pick up their share, or else send someone on their behalf. Many people send friends to pick up their share if they can’t. If you neglect to pick up your share, the food will be distributed to gym members that evening.