Fish CSA

Village Fishmonger is excited to start offering deliciously fresh, local seafood shares in partnership with CrossFit South Brooklyn! Our fish and shellfish are sourced directly from local fishermen and shellfish harvesters, which we then process and package for you in our kitchen in Brooklyn. You'll be able to sign-up to pick-up fresh, local seafood on the same days and times that meat shares are delivered: the first or second Wednesdays of the month (see below).

We offer a 1 lb or 2 lb size share of mostly finfish, plus add-on shares of clams, oysters, and scallops as well as a la carte items that can be ordered on a distribution by distribution basis. Low-mercury, allergy-sensitive, and Kosher options are available too. Note that only those households that sign up for a subscription can order a la carte items.
One-pound shares are $16.50/month and two-pound shares are $33/month.

The fish CSA requires a 6-month commitment. All signups and payment are handled on the Village Fishmonger site.

Wondering what to do with your share? There are recipes on the Village Fishmonger site, and Michele will also be posting recipes on her blog, and on the gym blog. Not ready to cook it when you get it home? Pop it in the freezer.

To sign up for a seafood share:


  • Go to the Village Fishmonger website
  • Click on 'Sign Up For Fish Shares'
  • Choose your pick-up location, in this case, CrossFit South Brooklyn
  • Choose from these 2 share sizes and be sure to choose the 'CrossFit South Brooklyn' schedule: Small Share or Medium Share
  • About 2 lb per distribution, which will comfortably feed a family of 2 for 2 meals.
  • Monthly schedule --> 6 distributions x 33.00 per month = $198.00
  • For payment you can choose from:

Debit/Credit Card --> This is a one-time payment with a debit or credit card
Automatically Recurring Payments – Debit/Credit Card 

  • In the sign-up comments box, note any allergies (shellfish) or dietary restrictions (low mercury for expectant and nursing mothers, kosher
  • Go to our pick-up on the delivery date and pick up your seafood! 

Village Fishmonger will be offering monthly distributions at CFSBK coinciding with meat share pickups on the second Wednesday of the month until June 4 2014, when the pickups for both meat and fish will move to the first Wednesday of the month.

  • Though we offer rolling sign-ups, sign-up deadlines for the seafood share is midnight the Sunday before the next distribution.
  • Only those households signed up for the subscription can order a la carte items.
  • To ensure that dietary and allergy restrictions are applied to your account, please make sure you enter that information during sign-up or send us an email shortly after sign up with the pertinent information.
  • If you do not pick up your fish share during the distribution time, it will be given away. The gym cannot "hold" your share for you.
  • If you need to sell your fish shares, you must notify Village Fishmonger. There are absolutely no refunds for canceled shares.
  • Be sure to read through their FAQs and CSF policy before signing up.

Still have questions? Email Village Fishmonger at You can also email Michele at mignyc [at]