Facilities and Virtual Tour

CFSBK is the largest CrossFit facility in Brooklyn and one of the most well equipped in the city. We have a total of 11,200 square feet split between three rooms. We also have 4 showers complete with towel service, hair dryers soap etc and 5 bathrooms. On top if it all we're also neat freaks and pride ourselves on the cleanliness and organization of our facilities. Below is a description of each facility as well as a full equipment list.

"597 Degraw"

597 Degraw is our main room where members can check in and get started. Most classes will start in this facility unless otherwise noted. It's about 5,000 square feet and known for our giant skull and crossbones logo on the roll-up gate.

facility highlights
- Staffed Front Desk
- Reception area with couches, free wifi, kids book/toys, fitness library
- Kitchenette with a sink, microwave, cutlery, nespresso machine, 2 fridges that usually have free beer in them
- Two Bathrooms
- Permanent Olympic lifting shoe and belt storage
- 25' high ceilings
- 180" Movie screen and projector for movie nights and events
- outdoor bike storage
- 14' Big Ass Fan for climate control


"608 Degraw"

This building is located directly across the street from 597 and is used for special programs as well as additional space for higher traffic hours. We expanded across the street so that our members would never feel like they didn't have all the room and equipment they need.

facility highlights:
- 2 Locker Rooms with 2 Showers each complete with complimentary towel service, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair driers, mirrors and clothing storage.
- Two Bathrooms
- Purified water fountain
- Permanent storage for Olympic lifting shoes and belts
- Large roll up gate and skylights for ample natural light
- 16' high ceilings
- 5 olympic lifting platforms
- 14' Big Ass Fan for climate control


"The Annex"

This room is located upstairs above 597. This 1,200 square foot room is used for active recovery classes, kids club (day care), pilates, yoga and chiropractic care.

facility highlights:
- Quiet space for more focused small group classes
- One Bathroom
- Fully outfitted with the best mobility and recovery equipment
- Ample space and equipment for personal training
- Outdoor patio area for when it's nice out and we can take groups outside for class.


Full Equipment List

73 Barbells from (15lb, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg)
Speciality Bars (Safety, Football, Trap, EZ Curl)
30 Squat Rack Stations
2 Power Cages
20 Benches
6 Olympic Lifting Platforms
Several Tons of competition Bumper Plates in both lbs and kilograms
Ample metal change plates including fractionals
Rogue Jerk and Pulling Blocks
2 Glute Ham Developers
1 Reverse Hyper Machine
Chains and bands for Accommodating resistance

22 Rowing Machines
1 Assault Bike
80 Kettlebells from 8kg to 40kg
250 Dumbbells from 3lbs to 100lbs
75 Dynamax Medicine balls ranging from 6 to 30lbs
53 Plyometic Boxes ranging from 6" to 30"
Lots of Jump ropes
10 Slam Balls
5 Weighted Vests

Over 300 feet of pull-up bar real estate
6 High Ring stations
28 Low Ring Stations
2 Matador Dip Bars
8 Panel Mats + 9'dx16'Wrestling Mat
8 pairs of Parallettes
10 Go Mats
Various Assistance Jump Stretch
"Ring Thing"
Wedge Mat
Landing Mat
9' Balance Beam
3x 20 foot ropes, two normal one knotted


3 Kegs
1 300lb Big Ass Tire
Loadable Farmers Carry Handles, 2 Jerry Cans
80lb D Ball
A couple hundred pounds of sandbags
2 Dog Sleds, 2 E-Sleds and a Prowler
2 Axle Bars
Club Bells

Tons of foam rollers, alpha balls, lax balls voodoo bands, Orbs, abmats, yoga blankets, therabands, theracanes etc.
4 Crossover Symmetry Stations