Diapers & Dumbbells: Lift, Laugh, Learn, Love

Crossfit South Brooklyn is excited to offer Diapers & Dumbbells, a postpartum fitness class designed to help new mothers and their partners safely return to exercise, connect with other parents, and develop the strength they need to support their growing babies.

Diapers & Dumbbells is a one-hour class that focuses on postpartum rehabilitation, restorative exercises, strength training, and conditioning and includes time for socializing with other parents and their babies. It provides a supportive and educational environment and is appropriate for individuals with or without previous CrossFit experience. Classes are open to mothers (and partners) of all fitness levels and their pre-crawling/pre-walking babies. Scaling options are available to allow anyone to participate and progress. Bring your baby and enjoy an hour of fitness and community.

Classes are led by two coaches to ensure close attention to each participant and help parents manage their babies so they can get the most out of class.

Diapers & Dumbbells takes place at Crossfit South Brooklyn’s 597 Degraw Street location, between 3rd and 4th Avenues. Our facility includes new changing rooms (with showers and towel service) that may serve as a private nursing, pumping, or diaper-changing station.

We encourage new parents or parents-to-be to contact us with any questions at Melissa [at] CrossfitSouthBrooklyn.com

Monday: 11am-12pm
Wednesday: 11am-12pm
Friday: 11am-12pm

Single Class Drop-In: $25
10-Class Punch Card: $200
20-Class Punch Card: $360 

Members of CrossFit South Brooklyn may use their existing memberships to drop in to this class; however, anyone and everyone is welcome as there are no prerequisites for this class. You can also purchase a punch card for this and our other specialty classes: Yoga, Short Circuit, Active Recovery, and Pilates.

What to Bring
Along with yourself and your baby, we recommend that you bring typical baby changing supplies as well as a blanket to lay your baby on. We suggest bringing your baby to the class in a stroller so that they may be comfortable and easily wheeled around the gym during class.

Coaching Staff
Melissa Loranger, DPT:  Melissa received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Hunter College and is a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of New York. She has been a CrossFit coach and personal trainer at CFSBK since March, 2012. Melissa is also new mom to a 4-month-old baby girl. 

Sasha Slocombe: Sasha has worked with families as a parent-baby yoga teacher for 17 years and as a labor-support doula for 10 years. Her three children are her greatest teachers.

Lauren Borducci: Lauren is a personal trainer and wellness coach who works with individuals of wide-ranging ages and experience. She has coached a variety of CrossFit classes and has been developing her yoga practice for 20 years.  Lauren has two daughters (ages 8 and 6) who have been, and continue to be, a fun and inspiring part of her focus on health and fitness.