Coaching Staff

David Osorio

David comes to the CrossFit community with over 12 years of coaching experience ranging from physical therapy clinics to competitive speed schools. Additionally, David holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from West Chester University of PA and has been a Level 1 certified CrossFit Trainer since 2007. He is also a certified Starting Strength coach and holds multiple CrossFit specialty course certifications.

CrossFit South Brooklyn was started by David back in 2007 out of St. Mary's Playground in Carroll Gardens.  His goal has always been to create a fun and inclusive training environment for people serious about their fitness. CFSBK was the first CrossFit affiliate in Brooklyn and has since become one of the largest in the city and most respected in the world.

On top of coaching private training clients and group classes, David also teaches our CrossFit Preschool and CrossFit Kids programs. David's youngest athletes are 3 and his oldest is 78.

David has also worked as Competition Director for the for CrossFit Games North East (now East) Regional competitions since 2009 and writes the popular CrossFit coaching and buisness blog Inside the Affiliate

Contact: David [at]

Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy's long and diverse athletic background gives him athorough understanding of training, both for a specific sport and for general strength and conditioning. Wrestling, track and field, crossfit and powerlifting are among the disciplines he has pursued competitively. He believes strength is the foundation of life and supports anyone committed to getting under the bar regularly.

In the tradition of Mark Rippetoe, Jeremy's Strength Intensive program has become an important adjunct to CFSBK's CrossFit programming. Through it, he has trained a varied population including male and female novices, deconditioned and recovering athletes, pregnant women, and competitive lifters. In fact, several of his novices have gone on to compete as raw lifters with the USAPL.

Jeremy placed 32nd in the 2008 Crossfit Games, competed in the 2009 Northeast Regional Qualifiers as an individual, and in 2010 as an affiliate team member. In addition, he has competed as a raw lifter with the USAPL.

Jeremy is a certified Starting Strength coach and holds a CF Level 1 certification. He attended Robb's Wolf's Paleo Solution seminar, Kelly Starret's Mobility and Recovery Seminar and Chip Conrad's Brutal Recess

Contact: Jeremy [at]

Christian Fox

A former natural foods chef, Christian has been training a variety of populations from 8 to 80 years old for over 6 years now. With a eye for mobility issues, he specializes in helping clients and members gain, train through, and maintain healthy ranges of motion. Since earning an AAS degree in Exercise Science from CUNY Kingsborough he has logged countless hours of continuing ed and certifications including: NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer,certified Starting Strength Coach, CrossFit Movement and Mobiity, CrossFit Endurance and many more.

Active but not necessarily athletic as a youth, Christian is not only president but also a member of the Former Fat Boy Club. He can help you develop a plan for how to eat and train that can get you to your goals (so long as you’re up for the hard work). His goal is to educate and inspire people to make being strong and fit a lifestyle choice that they stick with long term.

Contact: Christian [at]

Nick Peterson

Nick has coached at CFSBK since 2011. Nick fell in love with rowing in 9th grade on the Potomac River, and accrued 13 years of competitive rowing experience, culminating in racing in the men's quadruple sculls at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. For years afterward he worked out as he always had—running, lifting, rowing on the erg, sometimes trying to do handstands—until his wife convinced him to try capoeira, and, later, CrossFit.

Nick found out about CFSBK when he met Coach Margie, and soon thereafter became CFSBK's resident rowing coach. He eventually began coaching CrossFit group classes and training clients one-on-one. Nick still conducts a few rowing workshops a year and has prepared a group of CFSBKers for CRASH-Bs, the preeminent international indoor rowing championship in Boston, every year since 2010. The three-month program mimics the kind of specialized training that elite athletes pursue.

Nick is a CrossFit Level 1 coach, and attended Robb's Wolf's Paleo Solution seminar and Kelly Starret's Mobility and Recovery Seminar.

Contact: Nick [at]

Jessica Fox

It’s unclear whether the shear boredom of Ohio country life or the influence of a sports-lovin’ family triggered Jess’ athletic endeavors. Jess began playing softball as soon as she was old enough to enroll then quickly added basketball and soccer to keep her busy year-round.  After moving to NY for college, Jess took a hiatus from sports…unless you call flip-cup a sport.  Unsure how to return to physical activity, Jess gave everything from running to Bikram yoga to kickboxing a try.  Luckily, her future husband got her to join a gym, lift weights and eventually led her to Crossfit.  Crossfit helped her complete her first Marathon in 4:19, has made her a more powerful hitter in her softball league, and CFSBK has given her a family outside of Ohio.

Jess loves being a strong female role model in the gym and really enjoys pushing female athletes in the same direction.  She enjoys working with newer athletes because she vividly remembers falling over the first time she put a barbell overhead.  Jess also has a passion working with endurance athletes in hopes of moving them away from traditional long slow distance training.

Jess is a certified Starting Strength Coach and holds Crossfit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics and Crossfit Endurance certifications. 

Contact: Jessica [at]

McDowell Myers

Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, the natural environment always played a part in McDowell’s fitness. After a childhood and adolescence of playing whatever sport was in season, he found himself bored in regular gyms. This led to an interest in boxing and various outdoor activities, whether it be competing in mountain bike races, road cycling, or simply running on the mountain trails.

McDowell discovered CrossFit at the beginning of 2008, attracted to the challenging workouts and intrigued by the varied programming posted on the main site. Without a CrossFit gym in town, he created his own home gym, complete with homemade pull up bars, medicine balls, and a barbell rack--all while reading and studying movements online and in books. In April of 2011, he completed his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course.

In June of 2011, McDowell arrived in Brooklyn and began taking classes at CFSBK. He immediately connected with the gym community and the friendly competition it provided. Today he spends more hours than ever at CFSBK, and continues to enjoy the journey as a coach.

In addition to CrossFit Level 1, McDowell is CrossFit Powerlifting and CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Certified.

Contact: McDowell [at]

Melissa Loranger

Melissa’s passion for sports and fitness began early in life while running from one activity to the next in the suburbs of CT; from soccer and softball to track and ballet. She came to CrossFit in January, 2010 after feeling beat up, worn out and generally bored with the same old cardio, “bis and tris” gym routine. After one Teaser Class, she knew that she had found the challenging and exciting fitness regimen she was looking for.

Since that initial introduction, Melissa has seen gains in skill and strength and continues to focus on improvement. She has used CrossFit to train for several adventure races, half marathons and team relay races. She has participated in the CrossFit Open Sectionals from 2011 - 2015 and continues to compete in local CrossFit competitions.

Melissa enjoys sharing her passion and excitement for fitness with others. In particular, introducing individuals to the vast array of constantly varied movements utilized in CrossFit and helping people set and meet fitness goals they never imagined possible. She completed her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course in May, 2012, completed the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course in December, 2012 and became a Starting Strength Coach in April, 2013.  Her appreciation of physical movement and rehabilitation led her back to graduate school to pursue her doctorate at Hunter College's Doctor of Physical Therapy program (Class of 2016).

Contact: Melissa [at]

Arturo Ruiz

Arturo comes to CFSBK with 9 years of training experience working with diverse populations in individual and group settings. Arturo's fitness background stems from the competitive aspects of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Strength and conditioning were a major aspect of hi training for amateur MMA fights, amateur Muay Thai fights, and NAGA tournaments and therefore truly sparked his interest in fitness.  Since then, he has participated in several CrossFit Opens, Olympic weightlifting meets, and many local CrossFit competitions.

His current certifications are: USA Weightlifting  L1 Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting LWC Referee, Starting Strength Coach, NASM CPT and CES, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics,  and CrossFit Movement and Mobility.

Arturo is also the 2016 USA Weightlifting Masters (Age 40-44, 85kg) National Bronze Medalist

Contact: Arturo [at]

Whitney Hubbard

Whitney's love for movement started early in life. She began ballet at the age of three and went on to participate in (and occasionally win) national dance competitions throughout her teens. This passion continued into her college years, and she received her BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois. It was there that she first studied anatomy and kinesiology, as well as started a yoga practice.

Her first CrossFit experience was in the fall of 2009 when she took a class with David... and couldn't walk down stairs properly for three days afterward. Having always been active but never lifted any weight, Whitney spent a good amount of time afraid of an empty barbell and only dreaming of getting a strict chin-up in another life. Her goal as a coach is to inspire people to lay a safe, consistent, and sound foundation in their movement and to build a lifestyle of health and strength.

Whitney teaches Yoga for Athletes here at CFSBK, as well as alignment-based vinyasa at other studios in Brooklyn. She also loves to surf. And eat fish tacos.

Whitney is a certified Starting Strength coach, a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, and a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-200HR).

Contact: Whitney [at]

Jessie Brown (“JB”)

Jessie grew up very active. She was a semi-competitive swimmer in high school, and in college at UC Berkeley, she joined the triathlon team, went rock climbing, practiced yoga, and was a regular at nightly cardio kickboxing classes. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she was passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for fitness with others, and, in 2009, she began teaching group classes at mainstream gyms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jessie found CrossFit at CrossFit East Bay in Oakland, CA when the craziness of graduate school (also at UC Berkeley) began to wear on her. She was immediately hooked by CrossFit’s intensity and community. She quickly gave up most of her other athletic pursuits, and earned her Crossfit Level 1 certification in January of 2013.

In addition to her L1, Jessie has specialty certifications in CrossFit Mobility and Powerlifting, is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and holds a Masters in Architectural History (which she doesn’t currently use in any directly applicable way). She relocated from Oakland to Brooklyn in the summer of 2014, and was quickly won over by the cute dogs, friendly people, and good coaching at CFSBK.

Contact: JB [at]

Katie Harper

Originally from Columbia, Maryland, Katie has been involved with team sports for as long as she can remember. A few months after earning her B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland in 2012, while applying to physical therapy programs, Katie discovered CrossFit at a small affiliate in a friend’s garage. Despite the freezing barbells and need for space heaters during the chilly winter months, the unique sense of community mixed with a competitive atmosphere were enough to keep her captivated.

Katie has always known she wanted to work with athletes, and she landed a spot in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at LIU in early 2013, making the big move to Brooklyn. She discovered CFSBK shortly after we hosted 13.2, and the programming and coaching style immediately impressed her. (Plus, she digs the skull and crossbones.)

Katie finds CrossFit to be the perfect complement to physical therapy, as it accelerates her ability to understand human movement beyond the classroom. She holds a CrossFit Level 1 as well as a CrossFit Movement and Mobility certification. When she’s not hanging at the gym or kickin’ it at LIU, she spends the majority of her time thinking about crab cakes and football, because that’s what Maryland does.

Contact: Katie [at]

Brett Ferguson

Brett grew up in Syracuse, New York, and participated in athletics at both the high school (All-State soccer and lacrosse) and collegiate levels. A recurring injury eventually forced him to take a step back from sports, and he began weight training. While Brett studied Jazz Bass Performance and Public Speaking in college and moved to Brooklyn with aspirations of becoming a touring musician, he continued bodybuilding until he couldn’t stand going to the gym alone with his earbuds in, doing "chest" twice a week with the bros, and avoiding leg day anymore.

Enter CrossFit. It took a few months to grow on him, mostly because his range of motion was so poor that he couldn’t physically get into some of the positions. After that, he couldn't get enough. He enjoyed the challenge of learning what CrossFit had to offer after being physically humbled by so many of its core movements and workouts.

Brett has previously worked as a personal trainer, frequently with clients on the road back from knee and shoulder injuries that required surgery. He’s also coached at Level 4 CrossFit Seattle and was instrumental in the opening of a new CrossFit gym in Seattle.

Brett holds his CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Weightlifting, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and NASM Corrective Exercise Science Certificates.

Contact: Brett [at]

Lynsey Roddham

Lynsey is a recent addition to the CFSBK staff, and she joins us with a background in dance and the performing arts. From a young age she trained in ballet, tap, and modern dance. Lynsey competed and performed regularly throughout her youth. Lynsey's interest in dance styles developed over the years, and at the age of 17 she became an apprentice dancer and teacher for a professional dance company. She trained in contemporary dance and occasionally in street dance, African-Carribean, jazz, and salsa. She went on tour for 2 years with the company as both a performer and teacher.

In 2005 Lynsey studied at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance College in Leeds, England, graduating with a degree in Contemporary Dance. After graduating she worked as a dance artist for a number of years, leading contemporary and street dance classes for young people of all ages. Classes would typically build off of one another through technical training and choreography and would often culminate in a performance. She worked closely with various youth organizations, schools, and councils across England coordinating dance projects for theatres, festivals, and films.

Lynsey is now a qualified secondary school teacher having completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Education at The Royal Academy of Dance in London. Before moving to New York, she worked as a dance teacher for students aged 11 to 18 and a Teacher of Health and Social Care for students aged 16 to 18. Never a fan of going to a regular gym, Lynsey was introduced to CrossFit back in 2015 and loves the class-based approach to fitness.

Contact: Lynsey [at]

Lauren Snisky

Lauren grew up playing sports from a very young age. She started starting playing ice hockey at 7 and tee-ball on a boys team at 8. She played high school sports and sporadically worked out at a YMCA in the off-season. A regular gym goer for years, Lauren eventually began bodybuilding routines. After a couple of years she grew bored of “pushing weight around and looking in the mirror.” Lauren found CrossFit when she was looking for something more athletic. She knew right away that it was the right fitness pursuit for her. She has participated in a handful of local competitions both in both Scaled and Rx’d divisions.

In September 2016, she left her full-time job and started coaching at CrossFit Union Square. Lauren loves being in the gym and feeling like she can help people with fitness and nutrition. We’re thrilled that she’s now a member of the CFSBK coaching staff!

Lauren is a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has attended the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar, the Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Seminar, Outlaw Barbell Camp, and the Active Life Bulletproof workshop.

Contact: Lauren [at]