The 2017 Look Feel Perform Better Challenge

It’s that time of year again... New Year's Resolution time. While we believe it’s best to make choices in accordance with your goals and values all of (or at least most of) the time, we recognize that many of us use markers like the beginning of the year to kickstart positive changes. This year’s challenge will follow a similar model to last year. There are two levels that you can choose to participate from. On Level 1, you’ll focus primarily on food quality and eating from a large spectrum of whole foods (lean proteins, veggies and fruits, whole grains, and legumes). This is a perfect place to start if you’re new to healthy eating or are having to re-learn what that means for you. On Level 2 you’ll be tracking macronutrients and focusing on eating particular quantities of them, adjusting along the way as necessary. Due to the lasting success of many participants last year, we’re following the same 12 week format as in 2016. The reason behind this is that while extreme short term actions can bring rapid results, we’ve seen this often result in a “crash” where the individual rebels against the limiting factors of an extreme dietary challenge. We’d rather you have more inclusive food options and change a few manageable things over a longer period than change many things for six weeks only to get lost in a haze of bagels, beer, and chocolate cake once the challenge ends.

Who? The entire CrossFit South Brooklyn Community

What? A 12 week challenge meant as a collective kickstart toward healthier nutrition and recovery habits.

Where? Right where you are! You’re encouraged to organize “rest day dinners” either in your homes or out at restaurants with fellow participants. There will be twice monthly (non-mandatory, but helpful) LFPB Challenge Meet Ups at the gym in addition to the Facebook group that you can look to for daily support. The key to success is not sweeping immediate change but rather consistent practice each day. If you’re on the social medias, then join our Facebook group! Search “2017 CFSBK Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge”.

When? The dates of the challenge are from Monday 1/2/17 through Saturday 3/25/17. We’ll also be hosting a potluck dinner at the gym on 1/28/16 where you can meet and greet with fellow SBKers and sample some delicious ways they keep on track with their food choices.

What will I need? For Level 1, only a desire to begin to make better food choices. For Level 2, you’ll need a food scale and a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons since you’ll be measuring out servings of lean protein, clean carbs, veggies, and fats. Whichever level you choose you should plan to do a bit of food shopping and prep beginning the first week to make good food choices easy.

Why? To look, feel, and perform better! And, for some sweet prizes!

Wait, did you say prizes? Yes. The grand prize for both the men’s and women’s category is one month of FREE unlimited training at CFSBK, a $250+ value! There are also 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the men’s and women’s categories including a punch card or free specialty classes at CFSBK and also free personal training! Additionally, Kettlebell Kitchen is extending a 15% discount to all CFSBK members who are participating!

Alright, you’re in? Great!

How To Participate:

Complete the following steps by January 5th in order to participate and be eligible for prizes:

  • Sign your name on the big list in the community area of the gym.

  • Buy-in of $30 cash, given to Front Desk staff.

  • Answer a few brief questions and submit your “before” photos according to the guidelines on the Look, Feel, Perform Better website. These entries are private will not be published or seen by anyone other than us without your consent. You can access the 2017 LFPB Challenge Entry Form HERE.

  • Perform the Test WOD and record your results.

  • Track points earned daily on the spreadsheet based on how well you’re complying with the guidelines.

  • Complete your Post Challenge submission by 3/28/17 at the end of the challenge

  • Optional - Attend the bi-monthly LFPB Q&A Info Sessions on Sundays at 1pm in the Annex at CFSBK. Each one will have a brief topical lecture and a Q&A. (1/8, 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, and 3/19).