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Please post here with any employment opportunities.

June 30, 2014 | Registered CommenterDavid Osorio

I'm the first post here!

The other place that I work, Ithaka S+R, a non-profit research and consulting firm that focuses on higher education, is hiring for three research positions, each requiring varying levels of seniority and experience. All three positions would involve designing and working on research projects in higher education, focusing on issues like costs, access, governance, student outcomes, technology, and educational policy. We are especially looking for people who have extensive research experience (professional, academic, or both) and familiarity with quantitative methods and data analysis software/tools (Stata, SPSS, R, etc.)

Links to the postings for all three positions are below:

Strategy and Research Associate
(Ideal candidate has a Bachelor's degree in a field that requires quantitative training and is pretty fresh out of college.)

Strategy and Research Analyst
(Ideal candidate has a Master's degree or higher in a field that requires quantitative research methods and training)

Evaluation Manager
(Ideal candidate has a Ph.D. in a field that requires quantitative research and experience designing research studies in education)

Please email me at if you're interested or know anyone who might be! Thanks!


March 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLil JB

Looking for a developer with proficiency in Backbone.js, Node and a good frontend touch to work with me on a project launching in early May. Good budget, but needs to be able to work fluidly and have 20 - 30 hours a week to devote starting in mid-April. Email [] if you are interested or have someone you can recommend!

April 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrendan

Looking for a apartment cleaning service. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable person who is reasonably priced?


April 11, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJason Fidler

@Jason: Over on the Miscellaneous thread, a bunch of people posted about how great Si Se Puede is! Check them out if you haven't found anyone yet.

April 20, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKate R

I work for charity: water and we're currently hiring for a few different positions. We're a non profit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. We have a 100% model -- so every dollar you donate goes directly to the field.

Here are all of the open positions:

Anyone interested and wants to learn more can email me directly at me[at] or find me at the gym.

June 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDan Gold

My office at NYU is hiring for a grants and budget administrator. The position involves assisting faculty and PhD students in the Department of Sociology with the submission of grant proposals to various government organizations and foundations, and managing post-award activities for all funded proposals. Ideally, we are looking for someone with a couple years of experience relevant to grants management; a background in Sociology is not necessary.

The full job posting can be found here:

Having worked in the Department of Sociology for a few years now, I can say that the faculty, staff, and students here are great to work with. It is a wonderfully friendly and easygoing environment.

Please feel free to email me at mike.west[at] if you are interested in the position or you have someone you would recommend. If you or anyone you know applies, let me know so I can make sure HR reviews the application. Thanks!

July 15, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMike W

I work at Shutterstock and we've got a great Product Owner role open.

We're an Agile shop and extremely data-driven, so you must be (1) a data fiend (2) in possession of marketing experience and (3) preferably have Agile in your background.

If you or anyone you know fits the JD below, please email me directly at mignyc at gmail dot com, so that I can personally shepherd your resume to the hiring manager.

Here's the JD, copied from :

Shutterstock is a growing, fast paced, entrepreneurial environment within a disruptive marketplace. Well positioned as the disruptive new leader in the digital content space, Shutterstock has the largest crowd-sourced digital content libraries in the world that includes images, vectors, 3D, music and Video. We manage a library of creative building blocks for a broad, expanding customer base creating new opportunities with every new customer segment, globally.

This role is designed for a senior product person who is also a marketer and has a relentless passion for growing a business. This candidate easily straddles product discovery, qualitative and quantitative research, analytical thinking, pricing optimization, A/B testing and development to enhance overall company revenue. This candidate can speak direct response and E-commerce fluently.


Reporting directly into the VP of Product, this role is focused on developing and implementing the product growth strategy for Shutterstock’s Image business

Identify both short term optimization opportunities and as well as longer term strategic initiatives for growth

Establish country and region specific product localization strategy in key markets

Work on a data driven customer centric approach toward product development

Work cross-department to align goals and priorities

Define and prioritize user stories and run the planning and backlogs for your team

Drive product research and discovery process with the research team

Own onsite conversion, SEO and Churn metrics

Manage stakeholders in product, marketing and technology.


5+ years agile product management experience
Empathy for our users and an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving

Product development experience in non-U.S markets a plus

Team orientation, working in a collaborative environment

3+ years of e-commerce experience

Demonstrated analytical and quantitative skills, ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions

Ability to clearly communicate data insights to others

Experience managing and leading a team to meet aggressive goals

Ability to synthesize different points of view and present them as a unified plan

Ability to dive deep into the product, the business, and the competition

November 2, 2015 | Unregistered Commentermichele

My company, Motivate, is hiring a Senior Product Designer.

Motivate owns and operates Citi Bike, BIKETOWN and a number of other bike share systems across North America, creating products and experiences around bike share. We're in a high period of growth and this is a chance to work on helping craft the bike share experience across mobile platforms.

Anyone who wants to learn more can email me directly at brentarnold [at]

April 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBrent Arnold

Hi! We're looking to hire two science teachers next year at my amazing school, Achievement First East New York Middle School. One position is for 5th grade science and the other is for 8th grade science.

I've worked at this school since 2009 and love it and the kids so much. It's a lot of hard work, but worth it. Let me know if you, or anyone you know, are interested by shooting me an email at


March 17, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAllie B.

Hi CFSBK Friends,

My Co-op building is looking for a plumber for a project in the building as well as future work. If anyone is either a plumber or knows of a good one they would recommend, please let me know! You can email me at


April 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDan G