Active Recovery


This class is designed to give your muscles and mind a rest. For an hour you'll be guided through a combination of soft tissue work, mobility techniques and general restorative movement. Perfect as a rest day for the heavy hitters or as a light days work for beginners and those of us somewhere in the middle. This class is also great for non-CrossFitters who could use a little soft tissue love.  Want to learn more? We wrote a detailed article about this class on our business blog, Inside The Affililiate: Running an Active Recovery Class

Long live the fight against the "FUZZ"!


Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Thursdays at 7:30pm
Saturdays at 11am
Sundays at 11:00am


Members of CrossFit South Brooklyn may use their existing memberships to drop into this class, however anyone and everyone is welcome as there are no prerequisites for this class. If you'd like to purchase a punch card for this and our other specialty classes (Yoga, Short Circuit, Active Recovery and Pilates) you can purchase one of the cards listed below:

Single Class Drop-In: $25
10 Class Punch Card: $200
20 Class Punch Card: $360



This class is open to the public and may be attended by anyone.

Active Recovery is hosted in our upstairs annex space. Please sign in at the Front Desk as per usual before coming upstairs to take class. There is a bathroom and clothing storage up there as well.


When I was 17 I couldn't do anything athletic—in fact, the only Presidential fitness test I could pass was the sit-and-reach. I'm now 35 and can do a lot of fun movements in CrossFit, but a lifetime of sitting has robbed me of much of the mobility I used to have. I find AR to be absolutely essential not only to maintaining my ability to perform CrossFit movements, but also just to feel like a normal person and not a stiff mannequin. I've become a total AR evangelist and got my non-CrossFitting husband to join the cult too.”
—Stella Z.

"Going to Active Recovery has helped me in two ways. First, it can take me from creaky and tight to organized and more fluid in just 60 minutes. That's pretty miraculous in itself, but over the years A/R has also given me the tools, method and desire to be a persistent explorer of my own body, all the time, seeking out limitations and then figuring out how to intelligently address them."
—Michele K.