Starting Strength at CFSBK

We all want to get stronger. That's because we implicitly understand that building strength is the foundation for increasing overall physical capacity. It has been proven again and again that lifting heavy primes our bodies to be more effective and efficient at the tasks of life and athletics. Plus it's pretty badass. This program is heavily influenced by the Starting Strength method of training and is taught by certified Starting Strength Coaches.

The Starting Strength program is an opportunity to spend 8 weeks honing your technique and increasing your capacity at the most fundamental strength movements: Back Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press and Deadlift. This small group format of 90 minute sessions offers one-on-one guidance, great camaraderie, and a simple roster of movements allowing you time to correct errors and challenge your limits.

Whether you are brand-new to lifting, someone with experience who has struggled to surpass a plateau, or just looking to try something different, by taking the time to focus exclusively on the lifts that support almost ever other activity you do inside (and outside) the gym, you will gain confidence and enhance your performance.

We are offering 8 week Starting Strength programs that will involve the following:
* Small group (4-8 lifters) training designed to increase your competency with the lifts.
* 1.5 Hour training sessions to ensure you've got plenty of time to get your lifts in under the watchful eye of a coach.
* Consistent and repeated exposure to the powerlifts programmed for your training history and goals.
* Group discussions on lifting topics including: planning warm-ups, the mental aspect of lifting, and elements of the adaptive response to strength training.
*New Personal Records on all the lifts!


Eight weeks of 3x Per Week Cycles:
$300 paid upon registration and then another $300 after the halfway mark.

Eight weeks of 2xW Cycles:
$200 paid upon registration and then another $200 at the halfway point

2xW Group Class Add On:
If you'd like to combine strength cycle with our Group class offerings, you can also sign up for a $100/M add on which can be used on CrossFit Group Classes, Open Gym, Yoga, Pilates or Gymnastics Class.


3xW Cycles
A cycle
: 7pm Mon/Wed and 6pm Fri
B cycle: 7pm Tues/Thurs and 10am Sun

2xW Cycles
C cycle:
6:30am Mon/Thurs
D cycle: 6pm Mon/Wed 
E cycle: 10am Mon/Thurs

Sign Up

The current cycles started mid June and run through mid August. To reserve a spot in an upcoming cycles and to get more information about the program please contact Jeremy (at)