The 2013 Look, Feel, Perform Better Challenge!!!

It’s that time of year again...New Years Resolutions time. While we think that it’s best to live healthy all (or at least, most) of the time, we also recognize that many of us use markers like the beginning of the year to try and kick start positive changes. Some of you did this in years past, some of you are new to it so here’s the overview.

Who? The entire CrossFit South Brooklyn Community
What? A two month challenge meant as a collective kick start into healthier nutrition and recovery habits.
Where? Right where you are. We’ll be hosting a big potluck in the gym a few weeks into the challenge and there will be Rest Day Dinners meant as continual support for each other, but the key is consistent practice every day.
When? Tuesday January 1, 2012 through Tuesday February 12, 2012. 
We’ll wrap up with another potluck and challenge wrap-up on Saturday February 16th.
Why? To look, feel, and perform better! And, for awesome prizes!

Wait, did you say prizes? 
Yes. The grand prize for both the men’s and a women’s category is two months of FREE unlimited training at CFSBK, plus cash money and some shweet shwag. There are also 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the men’s and women’s categories. Last year there was more than $1000 total value in cash prizes and gifts including Lululemon gift cards, Beirkraft gift cards, grass-fed steaks from local ranchers, and other cool stuff. This year promises to be even better.

Alright, I’m in! 

Great! Here are the guidelines of the challenge and how to participate.

Once you complete the following steps we’ll check them off as such. All steps must be completed by January 5th in order to be eligible for prizes.

 $20. This must be cash in an envelope (labeled with your name) and must be handed to a coach. 
Online Registraition: Answer 3 brief questions and submit your “before” (Front, Side, Back) photos. This information will all be private will not be published or seen by anyone but the judges without your consent. Register Here!

Photo Recommendations:
+ Wear a bathing suit or something similar that will allow body composition changes to be clearly observed. + Stand against a bare wall and make sure your photograph is well lit. At the end of the challenge you'll replicate these pictures with identical lighting, angles and clothing.
+ Set up your camera about 5-7 feet away from you so that it can capture your whole body from head to toe. Feel free to block out your head and face.
+ You'll be submitting front, side and back view photos

Point System Overview

The LFPB Challenge will involve scoring points in a system. This allows us to gauge compliance of healthful choices regardless of everyone's specific body composition objections and performance metrics. We've narrowed the field down to things that can help everyone.Points are earned as follows:

3 Points= Full Compliance to guidelines
2 Points= 1 Action outside guidelines 
1 Point= 2 
Actions outside guidelines 
0 Points = 3+ Actions outside guidelines


Avoid Grains: Consume no grains or gluten products. This means bread, pasta, tortillas (sniff), beer (sniff, sniff), pastries, cookies, etc... Check labels for wheat/gluten containing items. Generally, try to avoid packaged foods.

Avoid Sugar: Consume no refined sugars. This means honey, fructose, coconut sugar, agave, etc. If you're craving sweets, eat some fruit. 

Hydrate: Drink ½ oz of water per lb of bodyweight daily. Herbal tea and seltzer are Kosher too. Diet drinks are not.

Sleep: Sleep at least 7 hours per night

SOME alcohol in the form of wine or liquor. Beers contain gluten, except for a few. The refining process of liquors leaves the gluten out, plus tequila is kinda paleo? If your goals include losing bodyfat then minimize this or cut it out completely. Alcohol can also impair sleep. If you know alcohol is significantly impeding your progress, set a specific goal for yourself and include it in your guidelines.

SOME coffee. Yeah, I don’t want to know what you act like without your morning cup either but consider cutting down, especially if you’re sensitive to it and/or sleep and hormonal recovery are large parts of your challenge.

SOME dairy allowed - cream in coffee and full-fat, fermented, unsweetened dairy. Most dairy will help with gaining weight so consider this depending on your goals.

Bonus Points:
1 Point: Fish Oil
1 Point: 9 Hours Sleep
1 Point: Workout
1 Point: Active Recovery or Meditation

Fish Oil: Taking 2-4 grams of EPA/DHA in fish oil tabs. Your grandmother was right, fish oil is really good for you. Take this daily and you'll cruise in some easy points.
*If you are eating all grass-fed/pastured/wild caught animal products this may not be necessary. If you eat nuts, any veg oils, or any conventionally raised animal products however then stick to a minimum of 2-4g per day.

9H Sleep:
 You're balling out of control on restoration. Good for you. I bet you feel great.

Working Out:
 You trained today! Could be a WOD at the gym, yoga class at a local studio, jog in the park, long hike in the woods. You're moving with intention and rigor.

Active Recovery:
 Spending 20+ minutes with a foam roller or a lacrosse ball or some other tools working on myo-fascial release and mobility. Become a supple leopard. 10+ Minutespracticing meditation also counts as a point.

Winners will be selected based on their results which will include consideration of: before and after photos, total points earned, improvement on the capacity test (TBA) and the written testimonials.

We’re looking forward to huge, community-wide success once again with this year’s challenge. We recommend beginning to rid your pantries now of things that are off the list, and not going off the “deep end” by over-indulging in the weeks leading up to the challenge. In years past some members have had a real tough time with the first few days to 2 weeks of these things. Starting to move in the right direction early can ease some of the 'detox' symptoms that may appear. Consider eliminating gluten this week, and maybe adding fish oil next week, or something similar depending on where in the guidelines you’re at currently.